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Bitcoin could reach a historic high and then consolidate as gold did, according to the analyst. Bitcoin (BTC) has reached prices that haven’t been seen for a long time, currently stagnating between USD 17,000 and USD 18,500 before deciding on its next move. Gold recently broke its historical high in US dollars, surpassing USD 2,000 Read More

Kryptoanalytiker och influenser Tyler Swope misstänker att USA: s regering ackumulerar Bitcoin Lifestyle som beslagtagits av några av världens mest ökända mörka webbbrottslingar. Swope citerar en berättelse som täcks av tidningen Fortune Swope citerar en berättelse som täcks av tidningen Fortune om Alexandre Cazes död, som påstås stå bakom världens största mörka webbmarknad, AlphaBay. Även Read More

Another big bank is entering the crypto market. Belarusbank, the largest financial institution in Belarus, wants to introduce cryptocurrencies According to a report by the Belarusian news agency Prime Press on November 12, Belarusbank wants to enable its customers to buy cryptocurrencies using a Visa card in the future. As part of the offer, cryptocurrencies Read More

ECB-stimulansmeddelande och amerikanska arbetslösa anspråk på en 7-månaders låg kortpumpad Bitcoin men tillgången och hela altcoin-marknaden har återgått ganska kraftigt. Efter ett kraftigt prishopp mot $ 13.650 intradag har Bitcoin återkallats och handlas runt $ 13.200. De alternativa mynten fortsätter att blöda ut och det totala börsvärdet har sjunkit under 390 miljarder dollar. Bitcoin till Read More

Bitcoin’s DeFi Looks Promising – Crypto enthusiasts often have the preconceived notion that Bitcoin is unable to accommodate complex smart contracts. Although the programming language in which Bitcoin is encoded, the famous Script language, is quite rigid, it is simply wrong to claim that Bitcoin cannot serve more advanced needs of smart contracts. One of Read More

Several companies are participating in the event to be broadcast by TV Record. A Reality Show aimed at the startups audience is promoting a series of public debates on technology and innovation. One of the lectures will have Bitcoin’s technology as the target of the debates. Called Battle of Startups, the program’s intention is to Read More

Neue Whiskey-Destillerie will Gelder durch Krypto-Währung beschaffen Neues Whisky-Destillationsunternehmen plant, Gelder über Krypto-Währung zu beschaffen. Es geht davon aus, dass es in den nächsten drei Jahren den vollen Betrieb aufnehmen wird. Kryptowährungen können nicht nur zur Erleichterung der digitalen Zahlung verwendet werden, sondern auch von neuen und bestehenden Unternehmen als eine Option zur Beschaffung von Read More

Une décennie après la création de Bitcoin, la meilleure pièce fonctionne toujours relativement bien et sa popularité s’accélère. Beaucoup de gens s’attendent à ce que Bitcoin atteigne bientôt une véritable adoption massive. Même les investisseurs institutionnels se tournent vers Bitcoin Code, certains comme Grayscale achetant des milliers de Bitcoins. Peut-être que cet engouement est éclairé Read More

Il colosso dei servizi finanziari DBS Bank ha pubblicato un rapporto che loda la crittografia per la sua sicurezza e convenienza. DBS ha evidenziato l’interesse degli investitori per il cripto come una fuga dalle tattiche globali di stampa del denaro in risposta a COVID-19. Il gigante dei servizi finanziari con sede a Singapore Il gigante Read More

  With the great rise we are witnessing in the crypto market, more and more people are interested in knowing how to invest in Bitcoin (BTC). However, at today’s high price for Bitcoin, for some it may not be very appealing to buy currencies on the spot market. But don’t worry, there’s a solution to Read More