Boba Guys Taps Solana for Loyalty Rewards Program: Get Rewarded for Drinking Tea!

• US-based drink retailer Boba Guys has tapped Solana for its loyalty rewards program.
• Solana Foundation recently invested $100,000 into Boba Guys and they have now chosen Solana to power their loyalty rewards program with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and token-gated experiences.
• The co-founder of Boba Guys believes that customers will not need to know anything about blockchain or cryptocurrency in order to take advantage of the Web3 rewards initiative.

US-based Drink Retailer Taps Solana for Loyalty Rewards Program

US-based drink retailer Boba Guys has tapped Solana for its loyalty rewards program just a day after the foundation invested $100,000 into the company. The popular tea retail chain selling bubble tea opened in 2011 and is seeking to further deepen its community and give back to its customers through its Web3 rewards initiative.

Web3 Rewards Initiative Utilizes High Speed Low Cost Network

Solana will be utilized by Boba Guys in order to integrate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and token-gated experiences which will help boost consumer engagement on the platform. This decision was made due to the high speed low cost network that is provided by the foundation which makes it ideal for these types of initiatives.

Co-Founder Believes Customers Don’t Need To Know About Blockchain

The Co-Founder of Boba Guys, Bin Chen, had this to say about their choice: “People that come into our stores may not know a single thing about Web3, Solana, blockchain, or any of those things, just the same way that people that come into Boba Guys may not know anything about boba.“ This statement shows how easy it should be for customers to take advantage of this new initiative without having a knowledge base in blockchain technology or cryptocurrency.

Head Of Commerce Business Development At The Foundation

The head of commerce business development at the Solana Foundation also commented on why they chose them saying: “Their vision for the future of cafes and retail is a model that could become the standard in the years to come. This collaboration will show how loyalty programs can be improved for both customers and retailers and create a path for other organizations to follow.“

Other Companies Embracing Web3 Loyalty Programs

Boba Guys isn’t alone when it comes embracing Web3 loyalty programs as other companies have done so before them such as in December 2022 where Burger King Mexico launched their own program powered by Dash Core Group’s Dash Platform.