Binance.US Acquires Voyager: Judge Allows $1 Billion Deal to Proceed

• Judge Michael E. Wiles of the New York bankruptcy court has denied the Department of Justice’s request to stop Binance.US from completing its $1 billion acquisition of Voyager Digital.
• The US government requested to pause the deal pending appeal, citing potential absolution of tax or securities laws violations but Judge Wiles noted that this was not included in the agreement.
• The acquisition is now set to be completed on 20 March and the news saw an immediate 6% jump in BNB price.

Binance.US Acquisition of Voyager to Proceed

The United States Bankruptcy Judge at the Southern District of New York court, Michael E. Wiles, has ruled that Binance.US should be allowed to complete its $1 billion acquisition of crypto lender Voyager Digital as per their agreement made in December 2022.

Government Appeal Denied

The Department of Justice had appealed Judge Wiles‘ ruling from 9 March which allowed for Voyager assets to be sold to Binance.US, requesting for a halt in proceedings until legal objections were settled due to possible absolution for tax or securities laws violations by Voyager and its staff. However, Judge Wiles noted that this was not included in their agreement and halting the process would only hurt customers further as withdrawals have been unavailable since July last year.

Deal Execution Date Set

An agreement between Voyager and Binance means that the deal will now proceed on 20 March, having previously been slated for 15 March before stalling due to government appeal.

BNB Price Jumps Following News

Immediately following Wednesday’s ruling allowing for completion of the $1 billion deal between Binance and Voyager Digital, there was a 6% jump seen in BNB price – likely as a result of investors feeling more confident about the future prospects associated with such a high-profile acquisition by one of cryptocurrency’s biggest players.


Judge Michael EWiles ruling allows for completion of Binance’s $1 billion acquisition of crypto lender Voyager Digital as planned on 20thMarch after government appeal was denied due to lack fo exemptions from tax or securities laws violation being included in their agreement and potential harm that could have come from halting proceedings any further for customers who have already experienced delays since July 2022

Join the Exclusive Club 3 – Unlock NFTs and Enjoy Hollywood Perks!

• Animoca Brands and Planet Hollywood have announced a new members-only NFT club called Club 3.
• The club will be launched through a joint venture with Meta Hollywood and will join the league of exclusive clubs like the Bored Ape Yacht Club.
• Members can access exclusive amenities by minting CLUB 3 NFTs and paying one-time membership fees.

Animoca Brands & Planet Hollywood Launch Club 3

Animoca Brands, in partnership with Planet Hollywood Group, has announced the launch of an exclusive NFT club called CLUB 3. The move is set to expand their presence into Web3 and replicate the success of other exclusive clubs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

ClubID Platform

At the heart of this venture is a new identity, Hollywood membership, and commerce platform known as ClubID. This platform will enable members to access amenities such as community chat based on their type of membership. To gain access to these features, users must mint a Club3 NFT and meet associated one-time membership fees; founding memberships cost $7,500 while social memberships cost $2,500. In addition to this, web3 mechanics such as community voting on promotions & seasonal menus are also being integrated into the platform.

Location Of CLUB 3

The physical location for CLUB 3 has been confirmed at Sunset Boulevard later this year. At this spot there will be a cocktail lounge with restaurant facilities inside it where members can enjoy high-end services from celebrity chefs & mixologists.

Benefits Of Membership

As well as enjoying all of the aforementioned services at CLUB 3, members will also benefit from exclusive experiences including private film screenings or virtual events hosted by celebrities or influencers for major award ceremonies or festivals. As part of their commitment to philanthropy & charity work, select proceeds from each event held at CLUB 3 will be donated to non-profit organisations every month too.


This new project looks set to bridge the gap between virtual & real world club memberships while offering unique benefits that no other establishment can provide! If you’re interested in becoming part of this elite group then keep an eye out for further announcements regarding when applications open up soon!

Secure Your Web3 Assets: NotCommon Platform Launches with $1.5M Funding

• NotCommon is a Web3 security platform that provides a one-stop shop for both collectors and artists to trade and exhibit work.
• The platform aims at taking the fight against blockchain fraud by protecting users from the rampant cybercrimes within the Web3 space.
• NotCommon is now live after securing $1.5 million in funding to help users keep their collections safe.

Web3 Security Platform NotCommon Goes Live

NotCommon is a one-stop shop for both artists and collectors to trade and showcase their work, with an emphasis on ensuring user security in order to combat cybercrime. After receiving $1.5M of funding, the platform officially went live in March 2023, bringing its mission of providing secure trading and exhibiting opportunities to fruition.

Combatting Blockchain Fraud

In 2022 alone, hackers managed to steal over $175M worth of digital assets, proving the need for increased security measures within the Web3 space. As there are no safety nets comparable to those found in centralized services, victims of theft often have difficulty recovering stolen items or assets which has caused many users to view Web3 with skepticism due to its lack of protection. Therefore, it is necessary for platforms such as NotCommon to be established in order provide users with tools needed to protect their identities online; curating blacklists of web3 fraudsters and educating users about how best to stay safe online when trading or exhibiting works in this space will hopefully create more trust amongst Web3 participants moving forward.

One-Stop Shop For Collectors And Artists

NotCommon offers both collectors and artists alike an easy way to trade safely without worrying about being targeted by scammers or thieves while also making it easier for them find potential buyers or sellers who match their criteria when looking for works they’d like show or purchase. The platform also seeks to provide comprehensive educational material that highlights best practices when navigating around smart contracts so that newcomers can confidently join this space without fear of falling victim cybercrime related activities while they learn more about the technology behind these platforms before engaging further with them

Secure Investing Opportunities

With the launch of NotCommon’s platform comes new investing opportunities tailored towards those who want make sure their portfolios are secure yet still benefit from growing value within Web 3 industry. As Michael R Pierce (Co-Founder & CEO) explains „2022 was a tough year for reputation but there’s still palpable interest from investors“. By providing comprehensive security measures alongside educational resources, investors can feel confident investing money into various projects knowing that any malicious activity will be quickly identified via specific algorithms built into the system as well as blacklisting known fraudsters from accessing certain areas where financial transactions occur .

Web 3 offers great potentials however due increasing number cybeecrime incidents taking place within this space , it’s important build up trust between users ensure successful adoption its technologies . That’s why Not Common presents itself great solution by offering one stop shop traders & exhibitors while also providing necessary safety measures prevent any unfortunate incidents happening collectibles stored wallet .

BTC Mining Stocks Still a Good Bet Despite Inflation Rise


• U.S. consumer prices rose by a more than expected 6.4% in January, but Bitcoin mining stocks still gained nearly 20%.
• H.C. Wainwright & Co analyst Mike Colonnese remains bullish on BTC miners despite inflation and the S&P 500 index losing 0.3%.
• Hashprices hit a four-month high of $0.08/TH due to increasing investor confidence following the SEC’s proposal to expand existing qualified custodian rules for crypto assets held with investment advisers.

Inflation Ticked Up in January

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that consumer prices were up a more than expected 6.4% in January, prompting some caution among investors about Bitcoin’s (BTC) prospects this year amid rising inflationary pressures and the weakening US dollar exchange rate relative to other global currencies like the Euro or Yen. Despite these macroeconomic factors, however, BTC mining stocks still managed to gain nearly 20% in the week ended February 19th according to H.C Wainwright & Co analyst Mike Colonnese who reiterated his bullish view on BTC miners today despite the overall negative sentiment surrounding them at present due to their close linkages with the cryptocurrency markets which have been historically volatile and unpredictable at times over the past few years..

SEC Proposal Boosts Investor Confidence

Colonnese also attributed some of last week’s gains in bitcoin mining stocks to news from 2/15 that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed expanding existing qualified custodian rules for client assets held with investment advisers to crypto assets as well which could potentially increase investor protections and instill greater confidence in crypto ecosystems going forward if implemented successfully without any major hiccups or delays alongthe way as was initially feared when such reports first started doing rounds earlier this month..

Hashprices Touch Four Month High

A 9.1% week-over-week increase in network hash rate also contributed heavily towards pushing hashprices up to $0.08/TH – a more than 12% increase – while also helping propel bitcoin prices higher during last week’s trading session as well according to Colonnese who currently has a „buy“ rating on five out of six bitcoin mining stocks he covers at present..


Overall, it seems like investors still remain cautiously optimistic about bitcoin miners even after inflation ticked up significantly during January 2021 thanks mainly to increased investor confidence following last week’s SEC proposal coupled with an uptick in network hash rates resulting from more miner activity occurring across various parts of the world recently when compared against previous months since late 2020

Sen. Warren to Protect Crypto from Money Laundering with New Bill

• Senator Elizabeth Warren is proposing to reintroduce the AML Act of 2022, extending it to cover decentralized entities such as DeFi and DAOs.
• Recent regulatory developments in the US have increased fears of a crypto crackdown, including a $30 million penalty on Kraken and an accusation from the SEC against Paxos Trust.
• Sen. Warren believes that AML policies should include DeFi and DAOs to prevent potential money laundering activities by drug lords or terrorists.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Proposes Reintroduction of AML Act

Senator Elizabeth Warren has proposed to introduce the Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2022 (AML Act) again, extending it to cover decentralized entities such as Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

Recent Regulatory Developments Increase Fears of Crypto Crackdown

In recent weeks several regulatory authorities in the US have taken hostile moves towards crypto businesses, leading to fears among some members of the industry that there could be a crypto crackdown on its way. This includes a $30 million penalty imposed on Kraken for offering its crypto-staking product without authorization, and an accusation from the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) against Paxos Trust for issuing unregistered security tokens called Binance USD (BUSD).

Sen. Warren Believes AML Policies Should Include DeFi and DAOs

In response to these events, Sen. Warren expressed her belief that AML policies should include DeFI and DAOs in order to prevent potential money laundering activities by drug lords or terrorists who may use them as a loophole to bypass traditional regulations. She also noted that current AML laws do not cover all aspects of the broader cryptocurrency market which makes it difficult for authorities to properly detect and tackle criminal activities within this sector.

Importance Of Strengthening Regulations in Crypto Industry

The importance of strengthening regulations in order to ensure proper compliance with anti-money laundering rules cannot be overstated. This is especially true when considering how fast the cryptocurrency industry is growing and how many new users are entering it every day without fully understanding all its risks associated with it yet. Strengthening existing regulations will help protect innocent users from falling victim to scams or other criminal activities enabled through cryptocurrencies which could lead them into financial ruin if left unchecked.


In conclusion, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to reintroduce her AML Act highlights just how important it is for regulators and lawmakers alike to keep up with developments in the cryptocurrency industry so they can effectively protect users from any potential threats while still allowing innovation in this space without compromising safety standards or consumer rights.

Crypto Wallets Tied to Alameda Research Transfer Millions of FTT Tokens

• Alameda Research, a crypto trading firm linked to Sam Bankman-Fried, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
• On February 7th, wallets linked to the firm suddenly resurrected and transferred millions of FTT tokens.
• Blockchain security firms PeckShield and Arkham Intelligence have reported that Alameda Research withdrew $204 million ahead of its bankruptcy filing.

Alameda Research Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Alameda Research, a crypto trading firm linked to Sam Bankman-Fried, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November 2020.

Wallets Linked to Firm Resurrect

On February 7th, wallets linked to the firm suddenly resurrected and transferred millions of FTT tokens. In particular, two wallets were involved in this recent transaction—the ‘brokenfish.eth’ wallet made a transfer of FTT tokens worth $2 million from the BentoBox smart contract on SushiSwap which Sam Bankman-fried has had a history with since 2020 after taking over the DEX from Chef Nomi; while the “Alameda Research 4” wallet bought more than 1 million of FTT tokens worth about $2.3 million and then opened a loan position on Abracadabra mortgaging 73,000 FTT tokens and $31,000 cash. This is not the first time Alameda wallets are seeing some huge activity post the FTX bankruptcy filing.

PeckShield & Arkham Intelligence Alerts

Blockchain security firm PeckShield alerted that „Alameda Consolidation“ received $13 million worth of crypto assets from three different wallets prior to this latest incident; while Arkham Intelligence revealed that Alameda Research withdrew $204M ahead of its bankruptcy filing as well.

Crypto Community Concerned

The unusual activity surrounding these wallets has become a big concern for the crypto community with many speculating what might be happening behind closed doors at Alameda Research’s offices or if their safety measures are strong enough to prevent any potential theft or misappropriation of funds.


It remains unclear why these wallets became active after Alameda’s bankruptcy filing but it is likely that further investigations will reveal more information about what happened during this time period and provide greater clarity regarding issues such as asset protection measures at Alameda Research going forward into future projects involving cryptocurrency investments and trading firms like them.

NOIA Price Surges 168%, Analysts Eye Further Gains Ahead of Public Launch

• NOIA is the native token of Syntropy, a distributed routing protocol for the Internet.
• The token’s price surged 168% from its December lows and one analyst says bulls are likely to aim for more.
• Sentiment is bullish for Syntropy ahead of its public network launch.

The digital asset market has been on a winning streak as of late, with the total crypto market capitalization now surpassing one trillion dollars. This surge in value has been largely attributed to Bitcoin’s stunning rally past $23,000, however, it is important to note that altcoins have also been performing exceptionally well. One token that has seen a particularly impressive performance recently is NOIA, the native token of Syntropy, a distributed routing protocol for the Internet.

NOIA saw its price surge 168% since its December lows, and sentiment is increasingly bullish for the token ahead of its public network launch. This has prompted one analyst to suggest that bulls are likely to aim for further gains, as the token has potential for another 2x in the near future.

In order to understand NOIA’s impressive performance, it is important to look at the project behind it. Syntropy is a distributed network protocol that provides improved routing and increased resiliency for the internet. It is built on the Polkadot network, allowing for interoperability and scalability. The project is aiming to build the first truly global, decentralized internet, and its public network is set to launch sometime in the near future.

The team behind Syntropy recently updated the token’s circulating supply schedule, and this has been seen as a positive sign by investors. Additionally, the platform is also set to launch a new Syntropy Knowledge Hub, designed to provide novice and experienced users alike with all the information they need to understand Syntropy and NOIA.

The combination of these developments have helped to create a bullish sentiment for the token, and many investors are expecting further gains in the near future. With its public launch just around the corner, investors are likely to continue to monitor the token’s performance closely.

All in all, NOIA’s impressive performance thus far has been fueled by positive developments from the team behind it, and the token is likely to continue to rise in the near future. As the public network launch approaches, investors are sure to keep a close eye on the token, and if all goes according to plan, NOIA could be in for further gains.

Pioneers of Bitcoin ATMs Acquire Genesis Coin, Inc. – Now Based in Miami

• Genesis Coin Inc, the first and largest Bitcoin ATM software platform worldwide, announced that they have been acquired by early Bitcoin ATM pioneers Andrew Barnard and Doug Carrillo.
• As part of the acquisition, Andrew Barnard will become Chief Executive Officer and Doug Carrillo will become Chief Strategy Officer and both will join the Board of Directors of Genesis Coin.
• The Genesis Coin headquarters will move to Miami, Florida.

Genesis Coin Inc, the first and largest Bitcoin ATM software platform in the world, has recently been acquired by early Bitcoin ATM pioneers Andrew Barnard and Doug Carrillo. Founded in 2013, Genesis Coin’s technology is responsible for powering approximately 35% of global Bitcoin ATM transactions. This acquisition marks a major milestone in the Bitcoin ATM industry, and will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on how people use and access digital currency.

Barnard and Carrillo, the founders of Bitstop, built the first and largest private-label Bitcoin ATM platform based in Miami, FL, with over 2,500+ Bitcoin ATMs worldwide. Through the combination of Genesis Coin and Bitstop, the two companies represent over 75+ operators operating 12,000+ Bitcoin ATMs in the United States and international markets, resulting in billions of dollars in annual sales volume.

As part of the acquisition, Andrew Barnard will become Chief Executive Officer and Doug Carrillo will become Chief Strategy Officer, and both will join the Board of Directors of Genesis Coin. Evan Rose, Genesis Coin’s founder, will stay on as a technical advisor and remain a member of the company’s Board of Directors. The Genesis Coin headquarters will move to Miami, Florida.

Andrew Barnard, the new CEO of Genesis Coin, had this to say about the acquisition: “Genesis Coin gave birth to the Bitcoin ATM industry. It’s the first and largest Bitcoin ATM software platform in The World. Evan built a platform trusted by some of the largest Bitcoin ATM operators in the world and I am excited to build upon its legacy.”

The acquisition of Genesis Coin by Barnard and Carrillo is a major step forward for the Bitcoin ATM industry. Genesis Coin has been responsible for powering billions of dollars in annual sales volume, and the acquisition of the company by the two pioneers of the industry promises to bring even more innovation and growth to the industry. With the headquarters of Genesis Coin moving to Miami, Florida, the company is now well-positioned to take advantage of the vibrant South Florida tech scene and continue to be a leader in the Bitcoin ATM industry for years to come.

Metacade, XRP and Tron Set to Soar in 2023: A Bullish Price Prediction

• Metacade, XRP and Tron are expected to have a bullish price prediction for the year 2023 due to the Bitcoin halving event.
• Metacade (MCADE) is expected to reach $1 in 2023 and $5-7 in 2025.
• Metacade is building the biggest arcade on the blockchain, letting users compete in tournaments and benefit from innovative earning mechanics.

The cryptocurrency market is one that continues to move and evolve in mysterious ways. With each bull market being followed by a “crypto winter”, in which prices dip across the board, it is no surprise that price predictions for some of the leading coins are becoming more and more bullish. XRP (XRP), Metacade (MCADE), and Tron are no exception to this, with all three of them expected to experience a bullish price prediction for the year 2023.

Metacade, in particular, is expected to experience a major boost in price in the near future. After recently announcing that Metacade received $1.12 million in funding during the beta phase of the presale in 3 weeks, the raise amount quickly jumped to $1.9m in closed in stage 1. This means that MCADE could reach as much as $1 during 2023, which would be a massive 50x gain after the presale. After the Bitcoin halving event and into 2025, MCADE has the potential to reach $5-7 when the next bull market comes around.

So, what is Metacade? Metacade is an innovative new project that is building the biggest arcade on the blockchain. They are offering a range of different play-to-earn (P2E) games that users can compete in online tournaments against players from all over the world. This means that not only will players be able to have a lot of fun playing the games, but they will also be able to benefit from a variety of innovative earning mechanics in the Metacade. The project is driven by the Metacade token, which is the fuel that powers the entire ecosystem.

The Metacade project is one that has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry. Not only will it provide players with an opportunity to have fun and earn money at the same time, but it will also create a decentralized platform for developers to easily create and launch their own games, as well as for investors to invest in these games and benefit from them.

Overall, the future looks bright for Metacade, XRP and Tron, with all three of them expected to experience a bullish price prediction for the year 2023. Metacade especially has the potential to reach up to $5-7 in 2025, with the innovative Metacade token powering the entire ecosystem. With the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry, the Metacade project is one that is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Nepal Telecommunications Authority Blocks Crypto-Related Activities

– The Telecommunications Authority of Nepal has instructed all ISPs to block crypto-related websites, apps, and online networks.
– This comes after the nation’s apex bank banned cryptocurrency-related activities, including trading and mining, in September 2021.
– The government agency warned that legal action will be taken against ISPs and email service providers that allow crypto-related activities to take place on their platforms.

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority recently issued a notification instructing all internet service providers (ISPs) operating in the country to block all crypto-related activities. This includes websites, apps, and online networks. crypto-related activities. The ban was issued in response to the nation’s apex bank banning cryptocurrency activities, including trading and mining, in September 2021.

The government agency noted that they are taking the necessary steps to block crypto-related activities in the region. The Telecommunications Authority has instructed all ISPs to prevent operating and managing cryptocurrency-related apps, online networks, and websites. In April last year, Nepal’s telecommunications authority sought information from the general public about individuals and corporate entities participating in illegal activities, such as cryptocurrency.

The recent caution threatens to take legal action against ISPs and email service providers that allow crypto-related activities to take place on their platforms. The government agency added that virtual currency transactions are still prohibited in Nepal. The agency also stated that any person or entity found guilty of violating the provisions of the order would be subject to legal action.

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority has been working to increase cryptocurrency awareness in the country. In recent months, the agency has organized seminars and workshops to educate the public about cryptocurrency-related activities. The agency has also been working with the central bank to ensure that all cryptocurrency activities are conducted in a safe and secure manner.

It is expected that the government will continue to keep a close watch on the crypto-related activities in the country. The agency has also asked the ISPs to take all necessary steps to ensure that the crypto-related activities are blocked in the region. This will help to protect the public from any potential risks associated with the various crypto-related activities.

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority is committed to ensuring a secure and safe environment for all crypto-related activities. The agency is also working to ensure that all crypto-related activities are conducted in a responsible manner. This is to ensure that the public is aware of the potential risks and benefits associated with cryptocurrency-related activities. The agency is also working to ensure that the public is aware of the legal and regulatory framework governing cryptocurrency-related activities.