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Tesla’s $ 1.5 billion purchase of Bitcoin (BTC) blew the price of the largest cryptocurrency, which is now approaching $ 50,000. And FOMO is in full swing, to the point that large exchanges are struggling to cope with demand … The Bitcoin rush pushes the boundaries of exchanges Several large cryptocurrency exchanges communicated on technical Read More

De CIO van Guggenheim ligt onder vuur op sociale media omdat hij verschillende opvattingen over Bitcoin heeft geuit, schijnbaar aan weerszijden van een grote investering. De schijnbare verschuiving van Guggenheim CIO Scott Minerd van bullish naar bearish en weer terug aan weerszijden van een SEC-aanvraag met betrekking tot een investering van een half miljard dollar Read More

Ripple se rendra-t-il à la Cour suprême pour combattre la SEC ? Les avocats pèsent dans la balance Priver les détenteurs de XRP de la divulgation de leurs ventes Les arguments de Ripple contre la SEC Dans le dernier épisode du podcast „Unchained“ animé par la journaliste Laura Shin, l’avocat Stephen Pally a estimé que Read More

Bitcoin (BTC) is no longer a dirty word in the world of banks. Goldman Sachs is seriously looking at options for bitcoin custody services. According to Coindesk, the plans will be announced soon. Goldman Sachs is a large American investment bank. They focus mainly on offering financial services to companies and governments. It seems that Read More

Die globale alternative Investmentfirma SkyBridge Capital des ehemaligen Kommunikationsdirektors des Weißen Hauses, Anthony Scaramucci, hat den SkyBridge Bitcoin Fund aufgelegt. Scaramucci teilte kürzlich seine Gedanken über Bitcoin und seinen Bitcoin-Fonds. SkyBridge, das 2005 von Scaramucci gegründet wurde, ist „ein globales alternatives Investmentunternehmen, das sich auf Multi-Strategie-Commingled-Dach-Hedgefonds-Produkte, kundenspezifische Separate-Account-Portfolios und Hedgefonds-Beratungslösungen spezialisiert hat, um die Bedürfnisse Read More

NFL-speler ontvangt een salaris van $ 6,5 miljoen in Bitcoin Russell Okung, die voor Carolina Panthers speelt in de American National Football League (NFL), heeft aangekondigd dat hij eindelijk 50% van zijn jaarlijkse contributie van $ 13 miljoen in Bitcoin heeft ontvangen. Okung werd de eerste speler in de NFL die in Bitcoin werd uitbetaald. Read More

Il mondo non è più „affascinato“ da Bitcoin dopo il 2017, dice uno stratega a Bloomberg mentre BTC commercia entro il 10% dei massimi storici. Bitcoin (BTC) sta stabilendo nuovi record in quasi tutti gli aspetti, ad eccezione del prezzo spot in USD, dice un nuovo digest, che conclude che il 2020 non è come Read More

Bitcoin could reach a historic high and then consolidate as gold did, according to the analyst. Bitcoin (BTC) has reached prices that haven’t been seen for a long time, currently stagnating between USD 17,000 and USD 18,500 before deciding on its next move. Gold recently broke its historical high in US dollars, surpassing USD 2,000 Read More

Another big bank is entering the crypto market. Belarusbank, the largest financial institution in Belarus, wants to introduce cryptocurrencies According to a report by the Belarusian news agency Prime Press on November 12, Belarusbank wants to enable its customers to buy cryptocurrencies using a Visa card in the future. As part of the offer, cryptocurrencies Read More

Bitcoin’s DeFi Looks Promising – Crypto enthusiasts often have the preconceived notion that Bitcoin is unable to accommodate complex smart contracts. Although the programming language in which Bitcoin is encoded, the famous Script language, is quite rigid, it is simply wrong to claim that Bitcoin cannot serve more advanced needs of smart contracts. One of Read More