Invest in Metacade Now and Enjoy 275% Rally: 3 Reasons Why

Overview of Article

  • Metacade (MCADE) price has jumped by 275% from its all-time low.
  • Macro events seem to favor cryptocurrencies and other assets.
  • There are some important news that could push the token higher.

Reasons to Invest in Metacade After Rally

The Metacade (MCADE) token has seen an impressive surge in price, jumping by 275% from its all-time low. There are several reasons why investors should consider investing in the cryptocurrency after this rally, including macro events favoring cryptos, as well as positive news that could push the token even further.

Macro Events Favorable for Cryptocurrency

The Federal Reserve recently decided to hike interest rates by 0.25%, bringing them up to 5.25%. This is likely the end of the Fed’s hiking cycle due to signs of a slowing US economy, such as lower GDP growth and declining retail sales. Additionally, there is evidence that banking sector is at risk, with several banks experiencing sharp drops in their share prices. With these factors considered, it appears likely that cryptocurrency will benefit due to Bitcoin’s role as a safe haven asset compared to stocks. This could have a positive effect on Metacade’s price going forward.

Positive News Regarding MCADE Token

Data compiled by Etherscan shows that the number of MCADE holders has increased significantly over the past few weeks. This suggests increased investor interest in the token which could lead to further price appreciation going forward. Additionally, new developments regarding partnerships or services offered with Metacade may also have a positive effect on its value over time.


In conclusion, there are several factors which make investing in Metacade after its recent rally an attractive prospect for investors looking for potential returns in the cryptocurrency space. Macroeconomic factors such as an end to rate hikes and banking sector instability favor cryptocurrencies like Metacade while increasing numbers of holders and potential partnerships provide additional boosts for those considering investing in this asset class.