Join the Exclusive Club 3 – Unlock NFTs and Enjoy Hollywood Perks!

• Animoca Brands and Planet Hollywood have announced a new members-only NFT club called Club 3.
• The club will be launched through a joint venture with Meta Hollywood and will join the league of exclusive clubs like the Bored Ape Yacht Club.
• Members can access exclusive amenities by minting CLUB 3 NFTs and paying one-time membership fees.

Animoca Brands & Planet Hollywood Launch Club 3

Animoca Brands, in partnership with Planet Hollywood Group, has announced the launch of an exclusive NFT club called CLUB 3. The move is set to expand their presence into Web3 and replicate the success of other exclusive clubs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

ClubID Platform

At the heart of this venture is a new identity, Hollywood membership, and commerce platform known as ClubID. This platform will enable members to access amenities such as community chat based on their type of membership. To gain access to these features, users must mint a Club3 NFT and meet associated one-time membership fees; founding memberships cost $7,500 while social memberships cost $2,500. In addition to this, web3 mechanics such as community voting on promotions & seasonal menus are also being integrated into the platform.

Location Of CLUB 3

The physical location for CLUB 3 has been confirmed at Sunset Boulevard later this year. At this spot there will be a cocktail lounge with restaurant facilities inside it where members can enjoy high-end services from celebrity chefs & mixologists.

Benefits Of Membership

As well as enjoying all of the aforementioned services at CLUB 3, members will also benefit from exclusive experiences including private film screenings or virtual events hosted by celebrities or influencers for major award ceremonies or festivals. As part of their commitment to philanthropy & charity work, select proceeds from each event held at CLUB 3 will be donated to non-profit organisations every month too.


This new project looks set to bridge the gap between virtual & real world club memberships while offering unique benefits that no other establishment can provide! If you’re interested in becoming part of this elite group then keep an eye out for further announcements regarding when applications open up soon!