Make Predictions & Win Big: Join the Chancer Betting Platform Now!

• Chancer is a decentralized social predictive market-making platform allowing people to place bets on any prediction or event.
• The sports betting market was valued at $83.65 billion in 2022 and is projected to surge to 178.68 billion by 2030 according to Polaris Market Research.
• Chancer has launched the presale of its native cryptocurrency CHANCER token with 36,763,989 tokens having been sold in the first stage.

Chancer: Decentralized Social Predictive Market-Making Platform

Chancer is a platform that allows users to set their own odds when it comes to betting on anything, including a friend completing a certain task. It seeks to compete against traditional bookmakers who bet against participants and leverage blockchain technology for decentralization.

Sports Betting Market Booming Worldwide

Since 2018, when the US Supreme Court struck down the federal ban on sports betting, more than 30 states and the District of Columbia have legalized sports betting in one way or another, with 10 other states expected to do so soon as well. Other countries like Kenya are also seeing an exponential growth in the sports betting industry with the global market estimated at $83.65 billion in 2022 and projected to reach $178.68 billion by 2030 according to Polaris Market Research.

CHANCER Token Presale

To support its decentralized social predictive market-making platform, Chancer has launched its native CHANCER token presale which distributes over 12 stages before ending with an expected price of $0.021 per token at press time (with 36,763,989 tokens already sold during the first stage). Interested investors can purchase their tokens using BNB or BUSD (BEP20) tokens from here .

Benefits for CHANCER Token Holders

Token holders will start benefiting immediately after the presale concludes since the token will go live on Uniswap where they can trade it for other cryptocurrencies or use it as a unit of account within Chancer’s ecosystem (as well as potentially receive rewards for participating in prediction markets).


The Chancer platform offers an interesting alternative compared to traditional bookmakers who bet against participants as it allows users complete control over their bets and rewards them for participating in prediction markets through its native CHANCER token which recently concluded its presale stages successfully with 36,763,989 tokens being sold already during its first stage.