Reality Show of startups will be held on blockchain

Several companies are participating in the event to be broadcast by TV Record.

A Reality Show aimed at the startups audience is promoting a series of public debates on technology and innovation. One of the lectures will have Bitcoin’s technology as the target of the debates.

Called Battle of Startups, the program’s intention is to show the innovations that have been built in Brazil. For this, a marathon of lives was organized, which started last October 20th.

Reality is broadcasted by Record News, one of the main television stations in Brazil. Aimed at an enterprising public, it is today one of the main programmes to show cases to inspire innovation in Brazil.

The programme can also be accompanied by R7, PlayPlus and Inova360.

Reality Show aimed at the startups audience will have a lecture on blockchain

During the new coronavirus pandemic, many Brazilians were distressed with their business. Thus the search to bring business to the digital market goes through a unique moment in history.

In fact, with countless solutions being developed, many have not yet found the ideal solution for their business to scale in the new digital era. Thus, a reality show is being promoted to show the innovations that have been created in Brazil, mainly by startups.

Usually, these companies are small and created with a focus on developing a different solution. Still, they do not have many resources and their solutions are high risk for investors interested in contributing to these businesses.

Even so, the Battle of Startups will show this reality to thousands of Brazilians. To start the debates, the „BDS TALKS“, the first digital congress of the reality show, is being promoted.

There, even the blockchain, a technology that was emancipated by Bitcoin, will be worked on. The lecture will be conducted by the CEO and CFO of Braiscompany, with the theme „Blockchain and market disruption“.

Full schedule of the lives can be checked at R7 website

The complete programming of BDS Talks can be accompanied by the R7 portal. The lecture about blockchain, for example, will take place on October 28th and will also be presented in the Instagram of the Reality Show Battle of Startups.

Next Monday (26), the reality will start to be shown at 23:45 on Record News. That day, the lecture will be on Digital Transformation and the future of work.

It is worth highlighting that for those interested in entrepreneurship, this is a great opportunity to learn from companies that are already in the market. In note, the organization of the event believes that BDS Talks helps with knowledge and can awaken the entrepreneurial spirit of the viewers of the event.

Finally, blockchain technology has gained space in Brazil in 2020, in public and private companies. Its applications in innovation are expressive and go far beyond cryptomorphism today.