Secure Your Web3 Assets: NotCommon Platform Launches with $1.5M Funding

• NotCommon is a Web3 security platform that provides a one-stop shop for both collectors and artists to trade and exhibit work.
• The platform aims at taking the fight against blockchain fraud by protecting users from the rampant cybercrimes within the Web3 space.
• NotCommon is now live after securing $1.5 million in funding to help users keep their collections safe.

Web3 Security Platform NotCommon Goes Live

NotCommon is a one-stop shop for both artists and collectors to trade and showcase their work, with an emphasis on ensuring user security in order to combat cybercrime. After receiving $1.5M of funding, the platform officially went live in March 2023, bringing its mission of providing secure trading and exhibiting opportunities to fruition.

Combatting Blockchain Fraud

In 2022 alone, hackers managed to steal over $175M worth of digital assets, proving the need for increased security measures within the Web3 space. As there are no safety nets comparable to those found in centralized services, victims of theft often have difficulty recovering stolen items or assets which has caused many users to view Web3 with skepticism due to its lack of protection. Therefore, it is necessary for platforms such as NotCommon to be established in order provide users with tools needed to protect their identities online; curating blacklists of web3 fraudsters and educating users about how best to stay safe online when trading or exhibiting works in this space will hopefully create more trust amongst Web3 participants moving forward.

One-Stop Shop For Collectors And Artists

NotCommon offers both collectors and artists alike an easy way to trade safely without worrying about being targeted by scammers or thieves while also making it easier for them find potential buyers or sellers who match their criteria when looking for works they’d like show or purchase. The platform also seeks to provide comprehensive educational material that highlights best practices when navigating around smart contracts so that newcomers can confidently join this space without fear of falling victim cybercrime related activities while they learn more about the technology behind these platforms before engaging further with them

Secure Investing Opportunities

With the launch of NotCommon’s platform comes new investing opportunities tailored towards those who want make sure their portfolios are secure yet still benefit from growing value within Web 3 industry. As Michael R Pierce (Co-Founder & CEO) explains „2022 was a tough year for reputation but there’s still palpable interest from investors“. By providing comprehensive security measures alongside educational resources, investors can feel confident investing money into various projects knowing that any malicious activity will be quickly identified via specific algorithms built into the system as well as blacklisting known fraudsters from accessing certain areas where financial transactions occur .

Web 3 offers great potentials however due increasing number cybeecrime incidents taking place within this space , it’s important build up trust between users ensure successful adoption its technologies . That’s why Not Common presents itself great solution by offering one stop shop traders & exhibitors while also providing necessary safety measures prevent any unfortunate incidents happening collectibles stored wallet .